How to Install CM13 (Cyanogenmod 13) UNOFFICIAL 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Lenovo A760​

(All the links for download will be available at the end of these steps)

Step 1
Download and A-GAPPS and save it under root directory in your phone's SD Card.

WARNING!! Step 4 to Step 9 will erase your Internal Storage. PLEASE BACKUP of all your files in Internal Storage (NOT SD Card) before proceed further!!

Step 2
Download the Qualcomm QPST zip, and install it on your Computer. (You may restart the computer after finished installation to make sure the driver is in effect)

Step 3
Power off your phone, take the battery out. Connect it with USB cable to the computer.

Step 4
Press & Hold (Vol +), (Vol -) & (Power Button) while its connected to your computer until you feel its vibrate 2x times. (check at the computer taskbar and see if device called Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM connected) DO NOT press FORMAT/ERASE drive if your computer prompt it. Just click cancel if the message appear.

Step 5
Download the HDD Raw Copy Tool and double click it to execute the application. You can now see 'Qualcomm MMC Storage' shown in the software.

Step 6
Download Lenovo_A760.imgc. Under the 'Qualcomm MMC Storage' line, there is another 'FILE' line, double click the line to select your downloaded Lenovo_A760.imgc

Step 7
Once your Lenovo_A760.imgc selected, it will display 'Please select TARGET' message. Click the 'Qualcomm MMC Storage' line and click the Continue>> button

Step 8
Click START and confirm to continue the process. This will take up to 20minutes.

Step 9
Once it shows 100% complete, you may remove the phone from USB cable, and insert back the battery. DO NOT power it yet.

Step 10
Press & Hold (Vol +), (Vol -) & (Power Button) to go to Recovery Mode. Once you are in TWRP recovery, press ‘Wipe’, and swipe to proceed wipe/factory reset.

Step 11
Press 'Install' and select your
Swipe to Install your zip. Press ‘Reboot system’ at the bottom.

Voila! you will be greeted with Cyanogenmod Boot Animation. Please proceed with the necessary steps to setup your phone for first time.

Step 13
Once booted up, go to Settings, scroll down until ‘About phone’. Tap on ‘Build Number’ for few times until a message appear: ‘You have enabled development settings!’.

Step 14
Go back once, and tap on ‘Developer options’. Turn on ‘Advanced reboot’ in Developer options, and scroll down a bit to set ‘Root access’ to ‘Apps and ADB’.

The following steps are only for those of you who want to install Google Apps:

Step 15
Press & Hold the Power button, select Reboot, and then select ‘Recovery’

Step 16
In the Recovery, press 'Install' and select your  A-GAPPS Swipe to Install your zip. Once finished, just Press the ‘Wipe dalvik/cache’ button at bottom. After that, press ‘Reboot system’ again.

If your google Contacts does not sync, download the 'Google Contact Sync 6.0.1' apk and install & replace the current version in your phone.

Download links

HDD Raw Copy Tool:


Download CM13 Unofficial:

Google Apps for Android 6.0:

Google Contact Sync 6.0.1:


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***** Android Rooting/Modifying Disclaimer *****

You are making these modifications to your device. You understand that I cannot be held responsible if you do not follow directions and brick your device. You are the only person responsible if you brick your device, as you are the one choosing to modify your device. You are voiding your warranty by rooting, making modifications, and install custom roms. I encourage you to watch the WHOLE VIDEO before following along and continuing to void your warranty. You have been warned! Not following directions CAN result in a soft or hard brick. Thank you for if you read all of this!